Every bag of beans you buy and every coffee you drink has a benefit to a family.

Never underestimate the value of your purchase

The coffee in your cup is the end result of a long chain of dedicated people, and your great coffee starts with the farmer.Producers of specialty coffee beans come from generations of proud farmers who have perfected and nursed their crop to give you the highest possible quality coffee.For these dedicated farmers quality resides firmly above quantity and only the finest fault free beans picked in their prime find their way to your cup.

Improving lives

The farmers and their families very often live on or are part of a community in or around the farm.The farms sustain their life from work to schools the coffee bean is an intregal part of everything they do and it is our passion through the coffee we supply to you that their lives are improved fairly.We select only grean beans from suppliers who share our commitment and philosophy to ensure the best possible benefit these farmers, their families and the community around them.